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英国侘寂系度假酒店Gairnshiel Lodge所在的房子曾是维多利亚女王的狩猎小屋。它最初建于1746年,之后慢慢扩大,一直以来都是皇室、猎人和旅行者的最爱。

Gairshiel Lodge, a British resort, used to be Queen Victoria's hunting lodge. It was first built in 1746, and then gradually expanded. It has always been the favorite of royalty, hunters and travelers.




The royal family who had lived in the hunting house also included King George V, King George VI and the Duchess of York.

Gairnshiel Lodge坐落在田园诗般的苏格兰乡村,毗邻盖恩河(Gairn)河岸。被一望无际的的绿色森林所环绕,这里是英国最大的国家公园。

Gairnsheil Lodge is located in the idyllic Scottish countryside, adjacent to the Bank of the gairn river. Surrounded by endless green forests, it is the largest national park in the UK.

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In 2015, rich Belgian businessman Eric fell in love with the place when he came to travel. He decided to buy the hunting house, repair and rebuild it, and build a simple and poetic hotel in the style of silence.

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The hotel can accommodate up to 16 people. Eric and his family also live here. They often cook for their guests in person to experience the beautiful scenery and delicious food of Scotland.

起居室中比利时亚复古风格的棉麻沙发让人倍感亲切,Kristian Vedel的黑色皮单椅和紫檀木椅子都让空间充满格调。室内墙壁使用Crustal涂料,这是Stoopen&Meeûs的矿物涂料,更加自然环保。

In the living room, the cotton and hemp sofa in the retro style of Belgium is very kind. The black leather single chair and red sandalwood chair of Kristian vedel make the space full of style. The interior walls are coated with Cristal paint, which is a mineral paint of stoopen & mee û s, more natural and environmentally friendly.

Eric 的儿子Maarten曾在比利时设计大师Axel Vervoordt工作室工作过一段时间,深受其影响。父亲买下这里之后,Maarten就开始着手改造这里。

Eric's son Maarten worked for a while in the studio of Axel vervoordt, a Belgian design master, and was deeply influenced by it. When her father bought it, Maarten set out to transform it.

比利时室内建筑师Nathalie Van Reeth设计的家具,现代感的造型和充满历史气息的墙壁形成了强烈的对比。

The furniture designed by Nathalie van Reeth, a Belgian interior architect, contrasts the modern style with the historic walls.

夏洛特·佩里安德(Charlotte Perriand)1950年代设计的坎萨多长凳,还有Terra LED落地灯,Pierre Chapo1960年代设计的S31凳子,这些经典的家具,低调且充满艺术感。

Charlotte Perriand's long stool designed in 1950's, Terra LED floor lamp, Pierre Chapo's S31 stool designed in 1960's, these classic furniture are low-key and full of artistic sense.

酒店共有9间客房,主人Eric说:“我们试图创造温暖而纯净的空间,从日本wabi sabi的生活方式中获得了很大的启发”。

Eric, the owner of the nine room hotel, said: "we tried to create a warm and pure space and got a lot of inspiration from the lifestyle of WABI Sabi in Japan".

皮制的床靠背和Foster&Partners设计的Flo LED壁灯,让氛围舒适放松。

Leather bed back and Flo led wall lamp designed by foster & partners make the atmosphere comfortable and relaxed.

餐厅的约4米长的桌子由Van Reeth设计,并由安特卫普当地工匠Heerenhuis定制,椅子和Pierre Chapo凳子厚重且大气。

The dining room's approximately 4m long table is designed by van Reeth and customized by the local craftsman heerenhuis in Antwerp. The chair and Pierre Chapo stool are thick and generous.

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Yu Ji put forward the concept of aesthetics, focusing on re appreciating the details of nature and life, so it is also called "material Zen". The hotel pays great attention to the decoration and style of details.

卧室衣柜上的旋钮由比利时设计师Joris Van Apers打造的手工钉子,复古有个性。

The knobs on the bedroom closet are handmade nails by Joris van apers, a Belgian designer. They are retro and personalized.


Eric found an old wooden door from China in an antique shop in Antwerp, Belgium. He liked it very much and was used in the interior design of the hotel.









北区 : “皇陵护卫”的新村

主题一 : 老院新“声”——惠营房村美丽乡居设计

主题二 : 乡村生活发生器——惠营房村村民活动中心设计

南区 : 都市生活平衡器

主题一 : “我”的诗和远方——主观景平台改造设计

主题二 : 舌尖上的密石村——果园中餐厅设计

主题三 : 狮头岭上的“家”——体验式共享民宿设计








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